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Since high school, I have completed a number of commission-based paintings of dogs and other animals. My primary medium is oils, but I have had experience with acrylics.


Custom track

One day I found out that it is possible to run Mario Kart Wii through an emulator. Not only could you create your own track, you could also play in VR - naturally, I had to give it a go!

Though not fully complete, this little project gave me a great amount of insight into the way games levels are developed, the logic behind games level design, and the importance of model optimisation.

The theme behind the track is 'Architectural Landmarks'. You can see the track being played in first person on the right, or fly around the model below.


This video opportunity was to film a young athlete performing around a couple of skate park locations. I shot this footage by drone, before also editing myself. This project acts as an example of how I am keen to try different things and develop new skills, which I can then apply to my future work.

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